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The Battle Within

Everybody struggles.

Everybody hurts.

Everybody fears.

But not every person thrives.

So what does it take to thrive and overcome the obstacles that are placed before you each day? What does it take to move through pain and a deep hurt that is so strong you may think no single person can understand what you’re going through?

Every personal fight is unique, but that does not mean that no one can help you. Their own fight may have well been tougher than your own, and they just might have something that will change the way you see your life.

However, that doesn’t make your fight easy.

Your fight is likely the toughest fight you’ve experienced thus far. Everyday people struggle with the will to get out of bed in the morning, go to class, go to work, or even talk to someone.

You convince yourself over and over to avoid the things you’re afraid of. And if you’re in that state, it may seem that there is nothing you can possibly do to overcome it.

So, let’s say you’re in a situation like this...What do you do?

Keep it simple. To start, my recommendation is to talk to someone, get it out and off your chest. Talk to a roommate, a best friend, or a counselor.

It will bring a small state of relief, perhaps only for the day, but it is a start.

Next, take a good look at your daily, weekly, and monthly life. It doesn’t have to be too in-depth, just simply track the actions you consistently do, like reading, working out, sleeping, the types of food you eat, what kind of music you listen to, etc.

Now, think of what kind of effect each of these actions can have on you. Do these actions have a positive influence on you? A negative one? Do they give you energy? Or do they drain you of the energy that you have left?

What this allows is for you to become conscious of the actions that not only help your mental health, but hurt it as well. Our daily actions can have a surprising effect on the thoughts that you feed yourself.

Once you cut out the negative ones, start implementing more of the positive ones.

Find the ones that ignite the fire in you that give you the confidence to take on any challenge placed before you. Stick with these actions and you will notice a change in your daily mood. Let the limiting of negative actions and continuation of positive ones give you the energy to talk to your peers and make light of your situation.

Do the things that will make you better - do the things that will help others. Don’t be afraid to open up and don't be afraid to apologize for your mistakes. And definitely, don’t be afraid to get help. These actions are what gives you the pride and confidence in yourself, and bring the best out of you. The best part of making a habit out of doing things that help you is that the effects snowball. It makes the next one easier and the one after that even easier. All you have to do is get over that first hump and don’t slow down. I will leave you with a quote from a man that inspired me in my time with him.

“Attack Each Day with an Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind!” – Jack Harbaugh

-Bryce Aldridge