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Let's Set Some Things Straight

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

College - the best years of our lives.

For most, this saying may be true, but the statement fails to speak to the daily challenges and times of doubt that leave most college students questioning their place.

I have found myself in this very position on numerous occasions while attempting to

study or figuring out how I am going to get through another jam-packed week.

As college students at any institution, myself included, it is very easy to become overwhelmed and burdened with extreme levels of stress. However, experiencing stress is pretty normal; we should not let it become a source of fear. Stress can overcome our mentality and negatively morph the attitude we take into our day. Problems arise when we allow the accumulation of stressors, like school or extra-curriculars, to steer us down a path that leads to mentally unhealthy situations. That being said, it is crucial we stay consistent in our actions to make prioritizing mental health a part of our everyday routine so that the inevitable stressors do not get the best of us.

Identifying that our mental health is vulnerable to the demands of college and being intentional with daily actions to manage our mental health is vital to our well-being. As a Junior at Wabash College, I have experienced my fair share of being overwhelmed and stressed beyond belief.

Frankly, those feelings started week one of freshman year. Since then, I’ve developed coping strategies to deal with the impeding stressful times. These strategies have worked for me, which is exactly why I want to share them with you. Below, you can find the three aspects I routinely focus on to ensure my mental health is accounted for. If I can find myself checking off these boxes, and doing them well, I normally end up having a positive week.


Allow yourself opportunities to escape from the madness of a busy schedule and

decompress from the rigors of class or your extra-curricular activities.

Express Gratitude

Take a moment to realize all the things in your life that you are

grateful for and reflect on them. Allow the rewarding presences in your life to calm you

down and remind you of the great joys that each day brings.

Engage in Consistent Action

Adopt a tactic to routinely check up on your mental health or engage in activities that allow you to find some peace of mind.

Personally, I have found that starting my day with an uplifting note or quote works effectively. It starts my day with determination and motivation to tackle my commitments, positively shaping the mentality on how we attack our day. Rather than seeing the tasks before us as

another dreadful day, we can enter our day ready to become better than the previous


By default, college is difficult and becomes even more so when the motivation to study is lacking. Seek to stay organized so that you can find yourself doing things that you actually enjoy. It isn’t going to be easy, but trust yourself to overcome life’s challenges and let’s stay on top of our mental health, together.

-Michael Tanchevski