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How Joining Clubs Can Help Improve Mental Health

Throughout your time as a student at Wabash College, or anywhere else really, there is a chance that you may start to feel a bit disconnected from other students.

Perhaps you don’t leave your dorm room or your fraternity often enough, or you are involved in a limited range of activities.

Joining a club or other extra-curricular activities can be a great way to find a sense of community on campus, boost your resume, and help you find your passions in the process.

Many students at Wabash College are involved in extracurricular activities, particularly sports. This limits the amount of time that those students may spend with people who are not involved in those sports or clubs, leaving students who are uninvolved with limited social opportunities.

For students who are uninvolved, joining clubs can be a great way to meet other students. These social opportunities are especially important for students living in independent housing, particularly those without roommates.

Students who socialize more often than others are less likely to deal with depression, and they build a support group of friends in the process.

Personally, I dealt with a lot of anxiety when I was a freshman on campus, but I now have several club positions and I feel that my voice is respected. This small confidence boost has translated into other social situations, and I now feel much more comfortable meeting new people.

Clubs and other extra-curricular activities also provide students with leadership opportunities, as most clubs have at least three executive members: president, vice president, and treasurer.

These positions are great resume builders, as they show potential employers that other students trusted you enough to manage the club that they participate in.

Clubs also sometimes lead to fantastic networking opportunities, which can even lead to internships in some cases, particularly with the political clubs.

Personally, if I had never joined College Republicans, I probably would have never decided to volunteer for the Indiana Republican Party, but doing so has opened the door for opportunities in the future.

Many other students have also found things that they are passionate about through club opportunities, such as mental health awareness and mentoring children.

Finding your passion is an important step towards finding a career that you will find happiness in, so why not explore a bit and join some clubs?

-Colton Page